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ND AFL-CIO Commits to Civil Rights and Economic Justice

05 Jun, 2020
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ND AFL-CIO Commits to Civil Rights and Economic Justice

WHEREAS, working people are diverse, we are different colors, gender identities, religions,
sexual orientations and ages; and

WHEREAS, the labor movement has been at the forefront of the struggle for every major civil
rights law and stands strong in the fight for dignity, life and liberty for every worker at the
intersection of economic justice and civil rights; and

WHEREAS, America’s legacy of racism, exclusion and injustice continues to obstruct working
people’s efforts to act together to build better lives; and

WHEREAS, since its inception, the labor movement has aspired to include all working people,
irrespective of race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity; and
WHEREAS, segregation, inequality and oppression harm us all; and

WEHERAS, the AFL-CIO remains dedicated to demanding dignity for all working people with
the understanding that unions must mobilize to defeat the prejudices that undermine solidarity;
and therefore be it

RESOLVED, the North Dakota AFL-CIO will encourage activities and suggest readings and
videos to spur discussions about workers' lived experiences, how to identify and discuss the
way biases operate in everyday life, and ways to disrupt these patterns to build a more
inclusive, equitable society.

Passed June 4th, 2020 by the 61st North Dakota AFL-CIO Convention.