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North Dakota AFL-CIO 2022 Legislative Endorsements

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North Dakota AFL-CIO 2022 Legislative Endorsements
The following candidates have been endorsed by the North Dakota AFL-CIO convention delegates as the best choice for working families in North Dakota based on their previous voting records and their answers to questions important to workers in North Dakota.

District 9

Marvin E. Nelson - ND State House


District 10

Damian Ridl - ND State House

Hamida Dakane - ND State House 

Ryan Braunberger - ND State Senate


District 11

Liz Conmy - ND State House

Gretchen Dobervich - ND State House

Tim Mathern - ND State Senate 


District 20

Thomas (Tommy) Passa - ND State House

Paul R. Hanson - ND State Senate


District 21

Mary Schneider - ND State House

LaurieBeth Hager - ND State House

Kathy Hogan - ND State Senate


District 25

Alisa Mitskog - ND State House

Jim Dotzenrod - ND State Senate


District 27

Thomas R Casler - ND State House

Ruth Anna Buffalo -  ND State House    

Sonja Kaye - ND State Senate    


District 35

Kris Mount - ND State House    

Don Morrison - ND State House    

Tracy Potter - ND State Senate    


District 41

Megan Edwardson - ND State House    

Lillian Jones - ND State House    


District 43

Zachary Ista - ND State House    

Mary Adams - ND State House    

JoNell A Bakke - ND State Senate    


District 44

Joshua Boschee - ND State House    

Karla Rose Hanson - ND State House    

Merrill Piepkorn - ND State Senate