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2024 ND AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates and Positions

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Ballot Measure Positions:

  • "No" on Measure 2
  • "No" on Property Tax measure

Endorsed Federal Candidates

  • Trygve Hammer for US House
  • Katrina Christiansen for US Senate

Endorsed Statewide Candidates

  • Merrill Piepkorn for Governor
  • Timothy C "Tim" Lamb for Auditor

Endorsed State Legislative Candidates

Betty L Dhuyvetter2ND State House
Rosemary L Tanberg2ND State Senate
Lisa Finley-DeVille4ND State House
Jayme Davis9ND State House
Hamida Dakane10ND State House
Ryan G Braunberger10ND State Senate
Olivia Schloegel12ND State Senate
Jessica Hawkes14ND State House
Catherine Jelsing14ND State House
Mark Nelson14ND State Senate
Heather Tyulyandin16ND State Senate
Phil Weiss16ND State House
Julie West16ND State House
Mary Adams18ND State House
Scott Nelson18ND State House
Kyle Thorson18ND State Senate
John Pederson20ND State Senate
Darrell Hansen22ND State House
Shawn Olauson 24ND State House
Nancy Farnham24ND State House
Knut “Pete” Gjovik24ND State Senate
Sara Dux28ND State House
Mary Schlosser28ND State House
Matthew Zimny30ND State Senate
Shari Orser32ND State House
Joshua Johnson34ND State Senate
Lisa Hermosillo38ND State House
Alexandra Deufel40ND State House
Rodney John Gigstad42ND State Senate
Carol L. Hagen42ND State House
Sarah Grossbauer42ND State House
Joshua Boschee44ND State Senate
Austin Foss44ND State House
Karla Rose Hanson44ND State House
Will Thompson46ND State House
Todd Reisenauer 46ND State House
Jess Arneson46ND State Senate